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Burntisland Hedgehog Haven

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Scottish Registered Charity  SC052888

Our aim of the Burntisland Hedgehog Haven is to rescue, rehabilitate and release wild hedgehogs from all across Fife and the surrounding area.

We respect we are dealing with a wild animal and treat as such.

We aim to treat with minimum stress and releasing where found (if safe to do so) as soon as they are well enough as it is important that they have the chance to reproduce for future generations to help populate the areas so as not to become extinct.

Recently we joined forces with three other rescues to form                     the Scottish Hedgehog Rescue Alliance.

We are a registered rehabilitator with the British Hedgehog Preservation Society.


About Us

How our love of hedgehogs began…
I never saw any hedgehogs growing up on the south coast of England only the occasional squashed one on the road.
When we moved to Burntisland I soon realised there was a good population of hedgehogs here.
I started to learn as much as I could about them and started to leave food out in the garden.
Sure enough in they came and it was great to see the food disappearing. We set up some cameras and it was great being able to watch them.

The following year my husband and I encountered three hedgehogs out in the day looking very poorly on separate occasions. One was covered in fly strike and I knew it was a race against time before the eggs hatched into maggots and the poor thing would start to be eaten alive so I rang the local rescue but again they were full so I grabbed a toothbrush and tweezers and set to work to get the fly eggs off.
After removing them all we headed up to the Wildlife hospital at Fishcross which is where we took the other two as well.
It’s such a trek and with so many hedgehogs needing help it set the wheels in motion to try and learn more of the medical side of hedgehog care.

I saw a post on Facebook from Sandy Boyd who was having to close his Wormit Hedgehog Rescue and was looking for someone to take over. I contacted him and I purchased some of his equipment. Sandy gave me so many books & leaflets on hedgehog care and it really got me interested in going further and setting up my own rescue.
These lovely spiky friends need all the help they can get.
So here we are and that is how the rescue came about!
I am lucky to be in contact with so many people who have been helping hedgehogs for a long period of time so I always have people to turn to should I need help with something I’m not sure about.
Let my hogging adventure begin!

Latest News

 9th October 2023  We were informed by the Co-op that our application to be a local cause in Burntisland had been accepted. It runs from the 22nd October until the 19th October next year.
So every time you shop and purchase Co-op branded items in the Co-op  and choose us as your local cause and scan or swipe your membership card we get 1p in the pound for every pound you spend.
Thank you so much.
Burntisland Hedgehog Haven is part of the @Coopuk Local Community Fund, to find out more about our project and to choose us as your cause, click here

We are aiming to buy two much needed incubators with the funding once we receive it from the Co-op next November.

16th October 2023 The news just got better where we had the fantastic news that that we had been awarded Scottish Registered Charity status SC052888 so this means we are now proper legal charity and we are both thrilled with this news.

20th February 2023  We were officially informed that we had
been confirmed as a UK Finalist for the Animal Star Awards which will be held in November in Nottingham. We have been nominated for the Volunteer Of The Year Category.
Amazing and a big Thank you to everyone who has helped us get to where we are today.


21st February 2023 Today was another fantastic day as we were told we had been a nominee for Animal Charity of the year and had gone through to being a Finalist. This did come like a bolt out of the blue as we didn't know we had been entered into this category. Speechless we both are and a huge Thank you to Animal Star Awards for giving us this opportunity.


28th March 2023 Today was a great day as we had our licence inspection by Fife Council and we are pleased to announce that  we are now a Fife Council registered animal welfare establishment!
We are now licensed to care for 25 hedgehogs!! 🦔🦔🦔

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